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Hyperspike® Technology products by Wattre Corporation sets a new standard for communication systems requiring extreme accuracy and high output over great distances. Competitive products to date have compromised on power, performance and/or size to meet a specific application. These compromises are based on limitations of conventional technology and loudspeaker design.

Breaking new ground, utilizing Hyperspike® Technology, these patented products function as Low Dispersion Acoustic Projectors achieving impressive results that have previously been unattainable by conventional methods. Hyperspike® Sound is able to deliver high Sound Pressure Levels (SPL) and pinpoint beam width over distances never before possible.

Custom solutions are available which offer user selected beam adjustment for the dispersion of the device. In a short throw enviroment, such as assembly control, a wide dispersion could be selected to cover the crowd. In a long range application, such as Maritime communication or Gate Entry, a narrow dispersion could be selected to send a very powerful, very precise signal over a great distance, keeping the sound exactly where it is needed and away from where it is not.

Products in Development:


The long range acoustic alert-warn
and animal deterrant.

Advanced Warning Device for Railroads

Wattre's patented technology focuses acoustic energy where it is needed.